You Are Here

You Are Here (synopsis)

The story of two best friends that try to get a hook-up on the popular & hard to get game console, DokiDeck II, get wrapped up in an urban legend of a hidden staircase in a rundown mall. Their friend, Clark, claims to know a guy, ******, that can get the console if they make it down the staircase, but when they go to see ****** - he suddenly quits his job, but left a note on how to get to the stairs via the vending machine. Once arriving at the vending machines, they run into Van who offers a cryptic warning. They push pass him (or drop kick pass him) to discover the staircase and a stretching hallway where they’re chased by a katamari of granny panties and later of gassed by perfume samples. While in a delirious haze, the person that orchestrated it all comes forth from the mist. What’s going on? What’s the secret behind all of this?


The sound of “You Are Here” is firmly rooted in synth-funk & electro-pop. If you’ve gotta be sucked into something that you thought was only a rumor whispered between friends, at least you can have some grooves!