Once upon a time I made underground rap music under the name PreciseHero. It was a name I dreamed up one night and since then, I just kinda rolled with it. I started off as just a rapper, then I got more into production, and then I dropped the PreciseHero thing. Here’s a rundown of my run under the moniker…:

Released: 08.03.07
Notes: After releasing a vinyl called, “modest signal”, I compiled more material to create this release. Originally released via P-Vine Records, this was the project that got my name out beyond my small circle of friends. This project came about around the time that indie/backpack rap was on the rise & listening back to it in 2015, I can clearly hear that it was of that era.

 Original Japanese Release via  P-Vine Records

Original Japanese Release via P-Vine Records

Released: 04.01.10
Notes: I have a love-hate relationship with this project. Love, because I got to work with my friend Obsidian Blue & it was a transitional period in my creative growth, but hate because there was a lot of life stuff going on during the time and I can hear it in the performance of the material. If any of my projects deserve a do-over, I'd elect this one. Maybe some day.

 Original cover illustration by  Celia Calle

Original cover illustration by Celia Calle

Released: 09.13.10
Notes: I wanted to clear out my back catalog of b-sides, promos, & demos/scraps that I had on my hard drive at the time. Nothing too spectacular here. I was feeling really unproductive and wasn’t really in a music making mood at this point.

Released: 07.17.12
Notes: Music creation became fun again! I was producing the material myself (sans Zach & Caleb’s contributions) and having fun writing lyrics & rapping. If “Particle (moments)” was my ode to 90s/underground/jazz-rap then this was me showing love for that + the DIY/lo-fi/distorted/trippy things that I’m into. It was also my last solo rap venture. Bored with doing things all on my own & my personality isn’t cut out for the music ‘business’. I’d had enough at this point.

 Original Japanese cover via  River-City Music Entertainment Inc.

Original Japanese cover via River-City Music Entertainment Inc.

Instrumental Projects.

Released: 09.01.12
Notes: This was intended as background music to a game design I was working on. The game never happened, but the beats remain

Released: 10.15.12
Notes: A one-off collaboration with my buddy, Tim.

Released: 10.26.12
Notes: A project I did to break up the daily routine. A few beats I put together on weekday mornings to keep the creative juices flowing before I started the drag of working and adult responsibilities.

Released: 11.12.13
Notes: I was working on material with Beagles, Rheason Love, and a collaboration with Starling Electric under the moniker Separate Science. These were tracks that didn’t quite fit with any of those projects so, I put them together as a follow-up to “A.M. Stretch”.

Released: 01.06.14
Notes: Just something to kick off 2014

Released: 07.13.14
Notes: More tracks that weren’t used from other projects and odds & ends that I had on the hard drive. A few may see some use in the future or forever remain as a part of this collection. Only the future knows!
Update: "Foxx" was actually used on Caramel Ship's song "Morning Dew"

“Only A Man”
Notes: Sometimes life tosses you a pleasant curveball & this was one of those times. I got a chance to work on a tune for one of my favorite game series. This ranks up there with when SP got with me to create the “modest signal” vinyl & when P-Vine gave me the chance of releasing “Particle (moments)”. I can cross having my music in a video game off of my bucket list. It was a childhood dream to create a game of my own, but at this point (even with the easy to use engines) I have more fun dreaming up the ideas & leaving the heavy lifting to others. I’d be down to do more songs for games in the future though.

“The Beat Generation”
Notes: Soul Hug wanted some rhymes on top of a track he’d made, so I gladly helped him out. He later added keys to the Rheason Love track I produced, “Transitional Jive”.

“Winter Radness”
Notes: I’d worked with River-City a few times in the past & this time they tapped me to work on a Winter/Holiday tune with Volta Masters. I drafted something up, asked Rheason Love if she’d be down to work on it as well, got all the vocals done and turned the song in. Even wandered around the back of my apartment with my iPod Touch & an 8mm app to shoot the promo. They released the tune under the title “Winter Radness”.

Suburban Sprawl Holiday Music Sampler.

I contributed songs from 2010-2013. Even when I wasn’t exactly in a musical mood, I looked forward to at least listening to these compilations & soaking in the holiday cheer from my local peers. My contributions were: “I Can See My Breath”, “It’s Different For Elves”, “Wishlist 198X”, & “Martian Kids Need Santa Too!”


On 9.18.15 I decided to redesign all of the artwork to my solo ventures. I wanted to do something with a more uniform look. Mildly inspired by old book covers and series of things. I’d like to keep my catalogue carefully curated. Someday, I wouldn’t even mind if all of my favorite/best works were collected into some sort of boxset

WonderKind 202.

Since I stopped working on solo material, I mostly focus on collaborations. I released things through my net-label, WonderKind 202. WonderKind 202 was a mostly digital thing (only on Bandcamp) and released works from my band Caramel Ship (then: Beagles x PreciseHero) & a collaboration with Rheason Love. For funsies, I put out a super limited run of cassettes and a lathe cut record.

"D.I.Y.N.A.S.T.Y. (feat. PreciseHero)
Notes: Caleb asked if I'd be down to collaborate on a tune for a solo project of his. Of course, I was! This can be considered the sister-piece to our other collaboration "Caterpillar".
Bonus Notes: We're actually performing this song in the photo I used for this page.
Double Bonus: Caleb & I talked about forming a duo called Separate Science.

 Pixel portraits by  Chelsea Saunders

Pixel portraits by Chelsea Saunders

Blue Flowers (cover/homage)

My buddies in the band minihorse hit me up and asked if I'd be interested in writing a verse to contribute to a cover they were doing of Dr. Octagon's "Blue Flowers". Why would I say no to that? It was an odd song to pick to do a cover of and I'm always down for the weird so, yeah, I whipped something up and what you're listening to is the result. They have a bunch of dope covers on the project, so feel free to give that a listen too.

Caramel Ship.

After my PreciseHero activities, I mainly focused on working with my bro Yuki on whimsical, d.i.y. pop music.

Released: 01.06.16
Notes: This project was a compilation of everything we'd worked on up to a certain point. I was really in the groove of the 90's & early 00's alt/trip-hop sound at this time. Lots of stuff like Cibo Matto, Luscious Jackson, Buffalo Daughter, Cornelius, games like Jet Set Radio, Vib-Ribbon, Katamari Damacy, Pizzicato Five, Shibuya-kei, and that whole feeling of youthful cool. We were taking bits from childhood, movies, tv shows, and everything else we love and put it into a musical blender. We hope that that feeling of fun & freedom came through.

Released: 02.10.17
Notes: We wanted to followup "Playscape+" with something that sounded a bit different. The last project was more sample-based and on this project, it was more electronic/synth-driven. It was a fun exercise for me since I wanted to do something that I played myself & not construct from sampled loops. It's somewhat of a concept album and largely inspired by comics/cartoons. In fact, it's partially the soundtrack to a comic/animation project that I worked on.

In Marjoram OP/ED.

Caramel Ship's project "Marjoram" was part of a bigger project. The 2nd phase of the project is an animation project that I'd been developing and pitching. Various doodles, scribbles, and early concept comics have been posted on this site, but back to the music side of things --

I wrote and recorded a simple, fun little tune for the opening. I had a good time singing & playing it. So much fun that there's a slightly longer version that I invited Yuki to join in on & with the vocals he contributed, it became an official Caramel Ship track.

Sitcom Dad / Creighton & Scott

For the ending theme, I wanted to work with my friend Adam. We'd done things together here and there, but never really had a recorded collaboration before. Glad I was able to change that! I did the drums & bass and Adam played guitar over it. Imagine this playing as the credits roll. Oh - and the name of this one-off jam session: Sitcom Dad. It just fit & makes me laugh. We’re planning future collaborations under the moniker Creighton & Scott (or Scott Creighton’s TBD…)


 Pixel portrait by  Chelsea Saunders

Pixel portrait by Chelsea Saunders

Creighton is a musical outlet for one-off tracks that don’t fit for PreciseHero, wouldn’t work in the context of Caramel Ship, & don’t make sense with any other musical expressions that I have going. It’s also my middle name. The alias came about thanks to some friends that asked if I’d perform while on a trip to Osaka in April of 2016. I hadn’t been recording as a solo artist in a long while, mainly focusing on the works of Caramel Ship & didn’t really want to revisit the old material so, I thought to do something outside of my usual style. The material as PreciseHero was rather self-serious ‘art’, Caramel Ship is more loose & a fun collaboration, Scott Creighton is another thing, and Creighton is where I really get a chance to play around & entertain myself. Instead of making albums, I decided to do a couple of playlist that I can keep adding to as I come up with stuff.