In Marjoram (shorts)

Originally pitched as a series of short-form animations about a girl (Lark) traveling across the land of Marjoram & collecting stories from the people she meets to preserve the memory of her hometown that was being forgotten. It would've been a silly & surreal adventure for kids without resorting to a lot of the hyper-silly things or talking down to it's audience while remaining whimsical and fun. Unfortunately, it wasn't what studios were looking to pick up so, I created a few rough shorts myself with the help of some friends, revised and simplified the idea a bit more than initially pitched, & put it out into the world. I even created this meta-narrative about it being a long lost show from the 80s & the videos were VHS recordings of episodes that someone uploaded to the net. It was a fun to work on & if I ever get the time (& maybe some proper backing), I'd love to return to this project because I've got plenty of stories to tell in this world.

Related Materials
Some of the physical objects I mailed out during the pitching process, including: a copy of the musical cassette that formed the early origins of the project, a mini-comic, a comic with story ideas & character information, personalized mailers, and a postcard with a bit of a letter written on it. There were other In Marjoram related things created such as magnets & stickers that were bundled with the cassette release.

I'm still doodling and working on things so, if you'd like to more of what I'm doing. There's the illustration area that you're currently browsing through (duh!) and I'm posting doodles to Tumblr & Instagram these days. Feel free to swing by!