The Fifth Wall


Night after night, Nema poured over the fairy tales she was told as a child. Even back then, she could tell that these were more than just stories. The fairy tales lead to the folk tales & legends passed down through the generations which lead her to even grander myths. She came across 2 magnificent tales. Tales that not only are there multiple worlds, but that for each of those worlds, there were adjacent worlds attached. The second tale stated that worlds are endless and the easiest way to think of is that the three dimensions are bound by a fourth wall, but breaking the fourth wall will only get you so far. To really break through, you’d have to break through the ceiling; a seldom considered 5th wall.


She thought “How could this be real?” At first it all seemed far too fantastical, but the more she observed, the more she started to see certain things line up. “Coincidences only go so far.” she muttered to herself as she noticed the hard facts of random objects suddenly appearing, more strange people and creatures, strange ideas & phrases that she’d never heard of were suddenly everywhere with no explanation of how they got there. She remembered a story of the dreaming world & the dreamed world. The collective imagination of one world creating another. Was her world merely a dream? She had to find out for sure.


Curiosity fueled her legs as she ran to the furthest edge of the highest peak of her world. If her world truly was the dreamed world then she knew that she’d have to break through the ceiling of the dreaming world. Peering down into a sea of clouds, she jumped off. Falling, falling, falling… Something invisible cracked and then she was.. floating?! “Whoa!” she exclaimed which reverberated through the inkiness as she began zooming pass the stars & swimming through the vastness of space like a dolphin through the cosmic ocean until she broke through a foreign atmosphere to a world that she’d only dreamed of that had possibly dreamed her world into existence.


Nema sank through the blue sky like a falling star surrounded by a pale glow to announce her arrival. Meanwhile, on a distant hill, a local lad named Bailey sees all this & is shocked to see the scene before his eyes. He hops on his monocycle & rushes down the road to the clearing ahead to check out what’s going on.


“What the..?!”, Bailey shouted as he speeds off in the direction of the clearing. The speed of his cycle and Nema’s descent nearly matching.

To be continued…