Blast In The Past


The weather was pretty good today so, I took myself for a walk & I even had a destination in mind: Blast In The Past. I may have dropped in once upon a time, a lifetime ago, but hadn’t been back in so long that it felt like the first time I really checked it out. This time I was sure to keep it in memory & I’m planning on going back in the very near future. Browsed a bunch of vintage goods; everything from old toys, vintage WKBD 50 mugs, board games, lunch boxes, magazines, VHS tapes - the place had everything that makes my dorky little heart flutter. I’ve been going back to physical media lately. Even though I’m subscribed to multiple tv/movie streaming services, my day job provides me with nearly every cable channel imaginable, supporting a few podcast through Patreon, & pay for Apple Music, but these days I’m buying DVD/VHS combo players and investing in CD players, cassette decks, and record players. Earlier this year, I even dug out a few old (mostly Hip-Hop and Electronic) CDs I had stored away in the basement. My plan for 2019 is to put more of my old stuff on display in my home and amass a nicely curated collection of things I love & misc. obscurities. I’ve mainly been collecting City Pop & other Japanese pop, some records I connected with during the mid-2000s Indie boom, & a touch of Jazz, Soul, and Funk records. That actually sums up most of the music I’ve been listening to across the board these days along with a healthy dose of 80s/90s R&B and some modern Bedroom Pop stuff. Side note: If I ever start a podcast, two topics I’d like to talk about are “What are people in other countries nostalgic for and how it compares to American nostalgia. How much of it overlaps due to cultural exports?” and “Do you recall when you stopped being interested in ‘new’ things?/When’s the last time you intentionally committed song lyrics to memory?” Anyhow, I grabbed a few odd records for myself & bought my wife some New Kids On The Block trading cards and an Andy Gibb poster (with gum from 1978). I’d say it was a worthwhile trip.