monolabo x PreciseHero

I never would’ve thought I’d be working on new PreciseHero material again, yet here we are & I’m happy to say that I’m working on it with my brother monolabo. He’s handling production and I’m handling rhymes. If you’ve ever read manga like Beck or Bakuman that feature hot-blooded youth, striving for their goals then you’d know that our story as middle-aged men with full-time jobs & home lives are a bit different than those manga, but still - come root for the underdogs & give a listen to our tunes that we put together in our spare time and on weekends. Hm, maybe our story is a less depressing version of The Legend of Black Heaven? In all seriousness though - I’m truly grateful to have creative partners like Kimi, Yuki, Adam, Caleb, & everyone else that ‘gets it‘, gives each other the creative space/freedom to be themselves, and comes together to make stuff. That’s truly where my passion lies. Everything else is bonus. We’re still recording songs and haven’t put a hard limit on how many we’ll do before we count the project as finished, but for now I’m just enjoying the ride. We may even have an opportunity to release these jams in some kind of round, physical format in the future. Wouldn’t that be neat?