Ballad of International Departures


The highs, the lows, the loss of sunglasses. It’s been quite the trip. I’ve blabbed enough about the place, but it’s been fun. Kimi & Daichi saw us off and gave us a nice parting gift. Talked about when I’ll be back & I’m considering a solo return trip for the future & already thinking about what I’ll do. Kimi suggested a bus tour & I’d like to visit the deer of Nara too. Until then, stay groovy Japan. I’ve got a bunch of security checks, baggage junk, a long flight, & a long layover to make it through before getting back to the US. Last meal before departing: A cardinal dog & iced chai latte from Cardinal Cafe. I bought some of the goofier manga after all and fought the urge to grab the 18+ stuff as a gag… yeah.. a gag, that’s it..!