Japan Is A Real Place


As the trip is winding down we’re taking it a bit easier and reflecting a bit. Whenever I ride the trains and look out of the window, I’m usually thinking about all of the people out there living their lives. Going places, meeting up, doing things, maybe staring at my passing shuttle and thinking about who’s inside & wondering about their life. Or maybe in too much of a hurry to consider things like that because they have their own matters to attention to after all. A lot of conversations I had with my friends are about how things in America are the same as they are in Japan. People are still trying to live as best they can, trying to make sure their kids & families are ok, talking about salaries, working, taxes, retirement, not going out as much as they used to, health, growing older, kids these days, & a number of other mundane topics that aren’t featured in your favorite anime. When I was younger, anime, toys, and video games made me want to come to Japan, but now I come back to reconnect with those I’m close to, soak in the atmosphere, & escape from some of my American anxieties. Ok and some anime, toys, and video games...! It’s not perfect here. No society is, but there’s enough good here that keeps me coming back for repeat stays. Ok, now that I’ve rambled & possibly burst a few bubbles about the ‘cool Japan’, ‘Nippon is so wacky!’ myths I can get back to the travel notes:

  • Spent the day on the bullet train and taking taxi rides

  • As I always do I’m going to miss things when I get home like the easy access to things with a quick stroll down the street or discovering something new tucked away in an alley, vending machines every few feet, shops everywhere, cute mascots on everything, walking after a tasty meal (ok, I can actually do this one at home), snacks that I can only get here, the atmosphere, fashionable people, etc.

  • Japanese tv is a special thing.

  • Ate at a place called Golden Olive Chicken. It was pretty darn good!

  • Paying for stuff with Suica is pretty convenient.

  • This is the most walking & outdoor activity that I’ve had in a long time.