Maybe For The Best


For ‘reasons’ we didn’t go to Universal Studios, but maybe that wasn’t a bad thing because dealing with the heat and the crowds would’ve been a nightmare. So, instead - we ate hotel breakfast and took in more of the scenery for a bit. Stopped in a pachinko parlor, hit a few more shops like Dotonburi Don Quijote, & found a couple of arcades too. I was kinda disappointed by the arcades this go ‘round to be honest. There were some fighting games, lots of UFO catchers & rhythm games, but that was about it. I saw a couple Puyo Puyo machines, but sadly no shooters in the first couple Game Center’s. We passed by Super Potato, but they weren’t open at the time. Besides, all of the retro games that I want to add to my collection these days are extra expensive PlayStation & Saturn imports. On my last few visits, I would grab a couple of the manga magazines or something silly like that, but there wasn’t anything that caught my eye and there seemed to be more 18+ books than I remember seeing before on the racks. For Melissa’s first bit of travel in years and her first trip overseas in even longer, Japan took a toll on her so we spent the afternoon napping in the hotel until we met up with my friend, Miki for dinner. We had a good time and did even more sightseeing. Melissa can’t get enough melon pan so she grabbed another. We had some taiyaki before that so, we definitely got our fill of street snacks. Vacation is mostly over and we’re checking out tomorrow and will be heading back to Tokyo for a fraction of a day & night then flying home on Sunday. I’m kinda sad to see this all come to an end.