Field Trip


As one of the few American weirdos that actively chooses not to drive. I never bought into that car = freedom idea. I love walking, taxi rides, Uber, trains, buses, & other forms of public transportation and ride sharing. I leave the driving to the experts & I enjoy the ride. It gives me time to absorb the world around me and observe things, maybe chat with the driver or have a chance to zone out before I arrive at my destination. Whenever I get a chance for something like that it feels like I’m getting a guided tour. Since Japan is a more walkable, bike-friendly, and public transportation focused place I like it. I would love it if only I had more time to really learn the train system. Even with stuff like Google & Apple Maps navigating can be tricky. Glad I have friends around to help us out. If I ever have an extended stay (a month or longer) then I’ll get the hang of it. I’ll get better at speaking Japanese too since I’d use it more often. Anyhow, today, we went to Kaiyukan Aquarium. So much to see! So many people! Still even with all the crowd, I loved it. We hit a few shops and wandered around a bit more too. Suffered one tragedy today... the loss of my sunglasses. When I get back to the states I’ll get some new ones if I don’t find some here. I kinda liked ‘em too. Ah well.