By Train, By Taxi


We left our temporary home in Kichijoji and headed to the train station.  After a quick trip, we were at Tokyo station getting our shinkansen tickets and Osaka-bound. We spent a good chunk of the day traveling and once we were checked in, we dropped off our things, caught our breath, & started exploring. I visited this area a few years back and it was busy, but since it’s Golden Week, it’s extra busy. There’s a wave of people & umbrellas out there. The streets are filled with natives & visitors alike. It’s a very lively scene with shops, food stalls, & everything in between. My wife doesn’t speak any Japanese but, after this afternoon she should understand the shouts of 「いらっじやいませ!」coming from every direction. I kinda love it though since it's a departure from my hometown where the only things open during the nights are fast food joints, strip clubs, club-clubs, corner stores, & things of that nature. During the exploration portion of the day, we found a Round 1 filled with UFO catchers, a shop full of gashapon, a few interesting areas, Daiso, & a duty free shop near Bic Camera. We’ll be heading back to some of them while we’re here for the next few days. There’s still a couple other places we need to hit before we pack up on the 4th & prep for getting back home to see our fur-babies that miss us dearly. Bonus notes: We ate at Sukiya & Melissa ate her first meal ever entirely with chopsticks and she discovered her love of melon pan with ice cream in it.