Low Profile


Today we didn’t have much on the agenda & it was a pretty rainy day so, the wife & I just kicked it around town a bit. Every time I come back to Japan, part of me thinks that I’d like to stay, but visiting & goofing off and actually having a life somewhere are two different things. Not sure if my wife would like it or adjust to living here very well though. Maybe in some alternate timeline a version of myself did leave America & settled down elsewhere. Anyhow, we went back to Original Pancake House since she liked it so much yesterday and from there spent a bunch of time at Yodobashi. I think she had fun since she likes shopping and going to malls & stores back home. Me, not so much but since we’re on vacation - I went along with it. It wasn’t all bad since we got to spend some time together and I did get a few things out of it: a few things from the capsule toy machines, a Tatsu Yamashita CD, & a new t-shirt and a light jacket from GU. Strolled around the neighborhood then kicked it around the hotel room for the rest of the day except when we grabbed a bite to eat at Freshness Burger & she took some snacks back to the room. We need downtime every now & again. It is vacation after all. Tomorrow afternoon is check out and we’ll start the second leg of our trip.