Grand Opening Spectacular

I opened the Redbubble shop today. And, by today I mean - I stayed up late, started, then finished it when I woke up to the sound of my cats wanting me to come out of the bedroom. I mentioned a few times that I wanted to start making character goods and after researching for a bit, this was the best, low risk entry point to doing that. I don't want to have to worry about shipping, dealing with the customer service part of things, or the manufacturing/storing of stuff so, this was the best route for me right now. Sure, they take a nice sized cut from sales, but they're also saving me some hassle & who knows how many I'll even sell so, it is what it is. After figuring out how the process works a bit and deleting & re-uploading files to get them formatted properly - I see that the size that I draw in now works well for 2-3" stickers and maybe I'll expand into other things later on, but for now - I'm going to work on more character packs. I'm honestly kinda excited.