Work ‘n Play (& Life)


Over my weekends I’ve been bouncing back & forth between drawing backgrounds, making music, & writing a script. I finished up the latest animated short and going full steam ahead into this kinetic novel idea for the next incarnation of “In Marjoram”. I really want to take this story across every form of media that catches my attention. When I ‘grow my brand’, as most of the internet says, I’d like to get into making t-shirts, but for now I’ve made a mobile & desktop wallpaper. I’m actually using them myself because I want to be a cheerleader for my stuff.


I’m close to finishing Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, but as of right now I’ve had my fill of tough platforming. Taking a break until I really get in the mood to tackle the last few levels.

When the Sushi Striker demo came out, I played only a level or two but at some point I will finish the demo. Sometimes demos seem kinda long and by the time I get to the ‘Thanks For Playing! Please purchase the full game...’ screen, I’ve played enough to feel satisfied. 

I’m shocked that Blazblue Cross Tag Battle wasn’t available for pre-order. I downloaded the bundle version on the day of release & I’m into it. The story mode is basically a visual novel with fighting bits in between. I played a couple matches online and they were cool, but story mode & if I can get Melissa to play a few rounds with me will be my main jams. 


Not a whole lot to report except wedding, various life things, & my own projects have kept me pretty busy so naturally something had to suffer. And that something was the Duolingo French lessons. I was squeezing it in as is, but a single bad day broke my nearly 60 day streak and I never quite recovered. My schedule isn’t letting up any time soon & I won’t be heading to France right away so, I guess that’s something that will be on the back burner for a while.  I have gotten around to reading some comics via BookWalker so there’s a positive note. I finished “City”, almost done with vol. 1 of “Tokyo Tarareba Girls”, & I have a omnibus of “Dragon Half” waiting. I’ve gotta get back to “Blacksad” some time too...!