In the days of point & shoot

I went through my personal archive of stuff that I made & dug out some photo books that I put together. I’ve got some of my photography up on my site, but this is the real deep dive. Looking back at old friends, my fiancé (almost wife), places I’ve been, & people I’ve met. It all makes me miss when I wandered around with my camera all the time and found fun stuff to do. Technically, I still have a camera at hand since I’ve always got my cellphone on me, but even as a camera and film lover I’ve been considering throwing in the dedicated device photography towel. The future-wife and I were talking about our travel plans for next Spring and I was thinking about how cool it would be to take my film cameras out. Then the reality of having to carry extra stuff, asking for hand checks for my film while going through airport security, taking the film to a place to get processed or having to process it myself, scanning the snapshots, and the hassle of it all sort of sank in. I still want to shoot some stuff on film some time, but maybe I’ll save it for the more local adventures. In the meantime, I’ll check on two of my old favorite photography sites (Shoot Tokyo & Curating Cuteness) and see if they’ve been doing anything cool. It might inspire me a bit.