Work (work, work, work, work)

Work on In Marjoram and by in large, Doodle Parlor continues. The project is still developing and growing more & more. No more animated shorts are in the plans, but the digital storybook idea is coming together. Like any ‘game’, there’s a lot of work to be done. No matter how simple the idea is, that seems to be the case. Yesterday morning, I worked on a bunch of character portraits & in The afternoon I finished up more background art. I attempted to sit down & write in a more traditional way, but that isn’t really working for me. I kind of develop stories as I go. I have ideas and vague images in my head & I sort of feel things out as everything naturally progresses. Since this is kind of a redux of the story that I wrote when I was originally pitching In Marjoram to studios a lot of pieces are already in place. There’s some scenarios that are being fleshed out, character changes, and things like that but the overall outline is already in mind. I’ve gotten a few songs more songs down too. And, I’ve gotta say - doing simple instrumental tunes and children’s songs is a lot of fun. Mainly because it’s not operating under the pretense of ‘serious art’. I’m freely making up stuff that wouldn’t feel too out of place in a more far out Jim Henson production & I love it!

After all of this is finished, I’m thinking of doing some comics & plain doodles. I want to show some of the other character designs that I’d done before & really liked and make up back stories for them. It will be a side-but-related project. Sorta highlighting other residents of Marjoram that may not get a full story or comic. I’ve been scribbling a new character too that I think would fit right in. There’s even objects and products I’d like to design and perhaps release as stickers in the near future.

In the end, this is my Sanrio. I want to grow this brand, expand on the number of characters, & get to the point where merch can be produced based on my characters. I think that’s my next big goal. For now though, I’m feeling an odd sense of satisfaction from seeing a bunch of content up on the official Doodle Parlor Tumblr page.


I dunno, it just feels like it’s a real thing & that things are being done. Even if nobody is watching right now, I can look at the amount of things I’ve done and feel a sense of accomplishment. Even looking at old drawings & designs for certain characters gives me a bit of that feeling as I can see the progression of where they & I started and where we are now.

Oh and one last tidbit - I’ve been into using my own art as mobile & desktop wallpaper because if I don’t love and support myself, who else will? Just valuing my own worth and being my own cheerleader.