E3 2018 pt. 4

Four entries are enough and Nintendo came through & crushed the buildings. It might be easier to just link to their entire presentation, but I’ll try to focus on specific games that I definitely want or caught my eye. 

Daemon x Machina

Super Mario Party

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna~The Golden Country

Dragon Ball FighterZ

I’m not over the moon about Hollow Knight or Overcooked 2 since my fiancé & I never got into the first, but they seem cool too. They’re in the maybe pile. I’m not a Smash Bros. guy either, but hopefully fans got everything they wanted out of that. And, yeah - Fortnite, that’s a thing that happened. Yay? I wouldn’t mind a better look at Ninjala.  I wished I would’ve heard something about Yoshi & Animal Crossing, but hey - there’s enough here as is to keep me entertained & news might come about later so, whatever. There’s stuff about the Let’s Go Pokemon games floating about & even a new Octopath Traveler demo on June 14th so, I’m pretty satisfied.