E3 2018 pt. 1

It’s happening.gif! It’s time for all the game announcements and we collectively figure out how much money we’ll be dishing out in the near future. It’s still early in the game, but here’s some things that I’ve liked so far:

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

I haven’t played anything from this series since the fan-translation of “Tales of Phantasia”. There’s been a few releases on PS4 recently, but I never bit. Since this one is headed to Switch and the reaction online is saying that this is possibly the best of the franchise, I’ll get down with it. There’s a few of these action-RPGs coming out on the system (e.g. Ys VIII: Lacramosa of Dana & Shining Resonance Refrain) but I’ll hold off until this comes out.

* note: I like the look of these next entries, but have no plans on buying them

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

It looks very good visually, but I’m just not into this type of game.

Cuphead in The Delicious Last Course

It won’t be on a system I play on, but I admire the work and style from a distance.


I appreciate that they have that underground hip-hop sound in the game like actual skate videos, but that’s about it. That said, c’mon Sega - give me a new Jet Set Radio! 

Jump Force

I just like anime junk.