Recent Internetting

ThunderCats Roar

I found out about this through the ‘explore’ section on Instagram & thought it was some cutesy fan-art being tossed my way thanks to some algorithm until I searched and found the source article on Entertainment Weekly.  First reaction to the news wasn’t exactly positive and the rest of the internet doesn’t seem very pleased either. Not sure why every cartoon has to be a wacky comedy with the same sense of humor, but that’s what networks want. I plan to watch a few episodes to at least check it out, but I’ve got a feeling that this will be a new “Teen Titans Go”. Maybe there’s a chance the action reboot of the franchise will get picked up by a streaming platform so that that fan base is happy too.

Play Updates


On the fourth island of DKC: Tropical Freeze. The levels & music are gorgeous in this game. I might not 100% this one any time soon due to ‘life”, but I’m still enjoying it and will see it through to the end. I’ve been pacing myself & playing a couple levels here and there when I have free time.