Before and On Thursday

Old & Improved

It’s been about a year since I updated the look of my homepage so today, I revamped things a bit. The site is more of a proper creative portfolio & the blog link isn’t publicly displayed. I didn’t delete it totally though because I enjoy posting stuff & using it as an outlet. Coincidentally, I went with the Ishimoto theme which is very similar to a template I used on Tumblr called Kodiak.

Public Privacy

I don’t think I posted this, but it’s related to site updates - most of my more public facing profiles are set to private. Instagram is private & Twitter is private now. Should keep the SPAM request and comments down. And, Twitter is just where I dump my Switch screenshots, but still - keeping that low key too. 

Today’s Direct

As per usual, Nintendo came through & crushed the buildings. A few things that leaked, a few things that were total surprises. Didn’t expect to see that much 3DS support, but it was cool to see for the people that are still playing. I wouldn’t have minded if those Warioware & Luigi’s Mansion releases came to Switch. I’m glad to see Okami HD on the Switch even though I didn’t finish it in SD. The game just went on for too long..! Not super into Splatoon, but cool for those updates. The Crash trilogy was a total curveball & the Southpark game was one that I could see happening and making some fans happy. Same goes for Undertale. Little Nightmares looked good visually even if it isn’t a game I’ll pick up. Tennis Aces might be fun, but isn’t high on my list. Dark Souls & Hyrule Warriors aren’t really my thing. Smash Bros. tease likely melted some minds. I don’t partake, but awesome for those that do. Kinda hoped for ports of Tokyo Mirage & Super Mario 3D World, but I’m sure they’ll happen eventually. And now, on to the stuff I’m excited about -

Octopath Traveler

It has a date, a definitive title, & I’m ready!

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

No date, but at least we know it’ll be this year.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Why’s it gotta come out on the same day as Octopath, though? Still getting it. 

Stealth Mentions

These weren’t part of the direct but I heard about them recently & I’ll check out a few of them: