Multimedia Mixer



I chose the next game I’ll dive into & I’m very happy with that decision. Haven’t played long, but I’m digging it so far. And it has shop music that I like:

Muppet Guys Talking

This makes two documentaries I wanna see. The other being “Won’t You Be My Neighbor”.

No News Is Good News

I didn’t know this was even coming out until I saw Illingsworth mention it on Instagram. It’s a good follow-up to “Charity Starts At Home”. Phonte is an artist that I listen to & know what to expect and it’s not a bad thing. It’s a very down to earth, every man, real talk from your homie kinda album that hits in that late Okayplayer era mood musically. That’s alright with me. 

Weather Or Not

Found out about this from a Deadend Hip-Hop review. I dug this one in a different way than the Phonte record, but dig it all the same. Evidence solidified that I’ve still got love for what used to be considered ‘underground hip-hop’.