Play, Watch, Make

Remember when I said...

The development of games can kill the momentum? This is one of those games. I backed it on Kickstarter along with “Home Free” and “Knights & Bikes”. All of them are games that are pretty much in my wheelhouse, but from the time I backed them to now, I’m just not feeling the same way. “Shape of the World” looks like it’s heading to Switch and if I can change my option for download, I’ll take it since I’ve already paid for it, but I’m not where I was when I first gave my support. 


“Night In The Woods” is another one that falls into this category. I’m currently playing through it now since I got it discounted on Switch & I want to see it through to the end to confirm how I feel. So far I feel about the same. The game isn’t without its moments, but it comes across as a hipster-y, snark-fest with twee, indie leanings. It’s as if you put the characters from The Busy World of Richard Scarry into a blender with movies like Juno, 500 Days of Summer, Scott Pilgrim, Garden State, & something from Wes Anderson. If you would’ve caught me while those things were fresh then I’d be all for it because I loved their aesthetic and that they offered a different perspective. Outside of their inherent whiteness, I’d say I related to some of those movies more than to whatever was the big mainstream black media at the time. But, like most things - trends die, culture shifts, personal growth happens, and so on. Plainly put - things change, people change. I can see it connecting with people younger than me, someone living that ‘indie’ lifestyle, or maybe just someone reflecting back to those times in their life, but personally - I’ve moved on from then and not really looking back too much. Anyway, there is something that I wouldn’t mind being brought over to the Switch for me to revisit:

Sorry To Bother You

So, this is what I wanted when I was watching those other ‘indie’ flicks. I wanted to see ‘me’, I wanted to see our stories being told in interesting ways, with surreal visuals, a budget, and stories of us beyond the hood tales, slave history, Madea church messages, magical negroes that help everyone but themselves, or everybody’s a well off lawyer/business person but there’s drama fantasies.

Anime Dump


Been really feeling “Working Buddies”, “A Place Further Than The Universe”, & “Laid-Back Camp”. I had the opportunity to sit & really soak in some episodes recently and enjoyed them more than usual. They’re definitely my standouts from the season. “Garo Vanishing Line” & “Dragon Ball Super” will be ending soon & I’ll miss tuning into them weekly. On a high note, there’s some fun stuff on the horizon: 

Even though I’m looking forward to these, I hope to see the wildcards of the upcoming seasons. The stuff based on gag manga or some oddity from out of left field.

Wrapping The Short

Working on voice recording, sound, and putting the whole thing together. So close to the finish line! I can’t wait to show off the finished result of this goofy little venture of mine. Still interested in pitching it to people but I’m still getting the feeling that the animation industry isn’t for me unless I create the show & run it myself. I don’t want to be a guy drawing or writing on other people’s projects. At least I can make more stuff that I want & add it to my portfolio.