Weekend Wrap-Up vol. 09

Better Than Karaoke

Melissa was listening to a Pandora station & Radiohead came on, which in turn made me think of those cover versions.

Easy Mode


It’s been about two weeks since I started playing & I think I’m nearing the end. I started playing on a lower difficulty & it makes it feel like a different game. Enjoying it a bit more now since I don’t wanna ‘git gud’, I just wanna enjoy the game & do a bit of button mashing.

Drawing The Finish Line

Another thing I’m almost done with is the short I’ve been working on. I was thinking about how weird it will feel once it’s complete.  I’ve been working on it for so long and once it’s over I probably won’t know what to do with myself. At least until either something comes of this project or I start something new.

That Archive Function Tho... 


It’s not a new function, but I just started using it yesterday. I cleaned up my feed a bit and pruned the accounts that I was following too. It feels a lot more curated now. It was a trip down memory lane while going through all of the snapshots that I’ve posted. Oh & Vero is flopping hard. It doesn’t seem like it will be the next Instagram or Facebook, maybe the next Ello or Friendster.

Diversify Ya Bonds!

Saturday I’m going to hang out with the future in-laws & meet some of the relatives that I’ve never met. There’s gonna be a lot of food I hear & it will be cool to have the families meet.

minihorse Live

Haven’t hung out with our buds in a while & they have a gig on Friday so Melissa & I are gonna drop in.  Should be a good time!

First Issue


It finally arrived and man, is it something to go back to reading a magazine. Even though I can get the digital version on my Kindle, I like the tactile feel & nostalgic trip.

Hand Clippers

Amazon had a sale on these last week & I grabbed a set. I’m not due for another haircut yet, but these seem like the best, most simple tools for my d.i.y. cuts.