Some Wednesday Songs

Styles Infinite

I never owned this particular project, but I listened to this song via Real Player so many times. Really dug the first Mountain Brothers album. 

Five Deez

One of my favorite rap groups that I feel never got the recognition that they deserved. 

Count Bass D

Most people say that "Dwight Spitz" is the album of his to listen to, but I love "begborrowsteel" . Runner-up would be "Art For Sale". Count has a lot of good stuff throughout his catalogue.

Shinsight Trio

Not a lot of people got into this group because they were primarily Japan-based, but so am I so, I kept my ears open not only for underground/jazzy rap but also stuff that was mainly given a shot by Japanese labels. For a good while, Japan was the best opportunity for hip-hop with this sound to get a legit record label release. Trust me, I know first hand. 

Surrounded By Idiots

I could probably do an entire entry on obscure Neptunes/Pharrell material. I would take an album of this material over the CRS project that never happened.