Lazy Afternoon Cinema

When I'm sitting around in my pajamas all day, maybe folding laundry or doing some other task that doesn't require my full attention, these are some go-to straight to video black movies that I've caught on tv, Netflix, or while waiting in the barbershop. I'll admit, you probably won't find these in the Criterion Collection, but something about these flicks does it for me. Seeing actors from old sitcoms, some eye candy from some rap magazine I used to read, a rapper/singer trying their hand at acting, the base level humor, corny drama, that shot on consumer grade equipment look... I dunno - it sounds like a lot of stuff I wouldn't be into but at the same time, it sounds right up my alley. If something like this is on at the right time & I'm in the proper mood - I'm all about this stuff.

The Seat Filler

Budz House

Dysfunctional Friends

He's Mine Not Yours

Love For Sale

Black Coffee

A Miami Tail

35 & Ticking

This list was mainly inspired by feeling the urge to watch these kinds of movies last weekend & coming across this gem on Netflix:

A Weekend With The Family

And based off of a hilarious episode of Black on Black Cinema, I might have to check out-

The Man In 3B