Nindies Summer 2017

Definitely Getting. 

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

Kentucky Route Zero TV Edition




Dimension Drive

Yono & The Celestial Elephants



Away: Journey To The Unexpected 


Blew the dust off of my PS4 to try out the Ys VIII demo. While fun, I doubt I pick up the game. I never finished Ys VII or Memories of Celceta. I had fun, but then got tired of them & wasn't invested enough in either to push pass certain points that might've been tough or boring to me. 

Similar story for the Monster Hunter Stories demo. Not in the mood for it and after playing a bit of the demo, I feel like I got my fill. There's still plenty more demo to play through before I actually complete it so, yeah - seems like a decent enough game, but not in the mood for it. PS: Never finished the Pokémon Sun & Moon demo either. 

Organized my gaming wish list and the list has gotten a lot smaller for my other consoles. The Switch list is obviously growing. I guess I'm prioritizing what I'll actually play vs what I was hyped on because of trailers, visuals, and other junk.