Bookmarks vol. 04

The Problem With Apu

Definitely checking this out. Wonder if the guys from Talking Simpsons will mention it?

There’s New It Footage and I Don’t Know How I’m Going to Sit Through a Whole Movie of This Creepiness

I'm over the Summer heat. Give me Autumn & this creepiness! 

Dinosaur Dracula's Halloween Countdown

The day after my birthday! I'll happily accept this as a birthday present.

Tokyo, Thundercat

I'd probably be friends with Thundercat if we ever met. 

Aminé Just Made One Of The Year’s Best Rap Albums

He's got some jams on his record. It would be cool if he sticks around & we get to hear how he grows as an artist. 

Holy Cow, Look at All the New Anime Netflix Is Working On

There hasn't been much content anime-wise that I've wanted to check out. Looks like that's about to change. 

FIRST LOOK: ‘Regular Show’ Creator J.G. Quintel Goes Adult For New TBS Series, ‘Close Enough’

I'll give it a watch. 

I Need Everybody Complaining About How Impractical Domino’s Hair Is to Take 10,000 Seats

Haters be damned! Zazie Beetz is a stone cold fox! And, she's playing a dope role, in a dope movie. I'll never understand these comic fans that can accept super powers, wizards, & all manner of mystical beast, but people of color are a bridge too far.. ? Ok..

André 3000 Does What He Wants

I can dig this.