My Pad, My Pen, My Plans

As much as I love the digital world and how everything is done on a tablet, computer, or phone these days - I also still love the analog. 


While brainstorming ideas for all that is "Zodie's Contact", I've been writing notes and doing doodles in a tiny sketchbook that I carry around with me.  I like the tactile feel of actually putting pen to paper and seeing my goofy handwriting vs typed text. I usually print while writing, but some time ago I started using cursive again because I can't remember the last time I seriously used it and why not? 


I also get a chance to use the tons of markers, crayons, & other (mostly non-professional) tools I have at home. Sure, all the cool folks are using Copic markers & Micron pens and all that neat stuff, but don't sleep on Crayola, Pen Mate felt tip pens, highlighters, Koi watercolor kits, & Sharpies. They can get the job done too!

I basically know what I want this project to be and more importantly, I know the things that I don't want it to be. I can't spill all the beans, but I think with more work & polish that this can be pretty dope if it all comes together.