Weekend Wrapup vol. 03

Where's the Summer going?! It's nearly July and I feel like I haven't done anything, but work waaaay too hard at the day job. Last weekend we did manage to get out a little bit.


For the first time since the 1990s, I visited Belle Isle. Melissa had never been at all. A few things have changed, but a lot hasn't. We spent most of the time in the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory. I got a chance to take a lot of pictures and flooded my Instagram feed with stuff.


The trip wasn't all it was cracked up to be, but it felt good to get out of the house, stretch my legs, & see a bit of nature. I'm hoping we get a chance to go on a hike or something soon, but a combo of weather and conflicting work schedules have kinda put the kibosh on a lot of plans to hang out.


Today, we had to take Milo to the vet to be neutered. Car rides with the cats are the worse because they generally don't enjoy them and whine the whole trip. They know they're not going anywhere fun. Penny was actually looking around for him for a bit. She hisses at him & stuff, but I think she actually likes the little guy being around. 


He'll be home soon and back to running around like a wild cat & eating all food in sight.  On a bright note, Penny has been enjoying spending the day with me alone. She's mostly been laying around with me and trying to spend as much quiet time as she can without a super-energetic kitten bouncing off the walls.

Between that stuff, I've been making more materials for personal projects. Printing postcards, business cards, & getting materials ready to submit to places. Really trying to get this "ZodiAct" project off the ground. Slightly been in the mood to write more songs too. I got the Caramel Ship website back up & running too.  I love the simplicity of Squarespace. No, that wasn't a paid plug..! It's simplicity without the community/social network aspects of Tumblr. Anyway, that's where I'm at as far as my own works.

Beyond those events & back in the realm of video games - I got the hang of ARMS. I won't say that I'm a pro, but I'm able to hold my own in online matches & can beat the CPU on the game's higher difficulty settings. There's not much to gain from beating the game with every character because all you get is an illustration. There's no lore or much of a real ending. I don't see myself going The Completionist route & trying to earn all of the different arms or anything so that game is effectively done for me until I get the urge for a bout or two. I do still appreciate it for Nintendo's different approach to fighting games. I can see this as being Nintendo's Overwatch. 

Since there's no single player games I'm absolutely dying to play on the Switch for now, I've returned to the 3DS. I've been in the mood for lighter RPGs so I grabbed Dragon Quest VIII.

It's definitely been scratching the itch. I feel like RPGs are THE genre for me. Especially the more old school & portable ones. I even grabbed a few for my DSi. I hadn't played with that in years, but a thread on Neogaf hipped me to a sale on DS games that GameStop is having. Of course they're all loose carts, but this gives me use for the cartridge slots in my storage case. So, what did I pick up?

These all seem like things that would be perfect to pass time with when I get the itch for another simple adventure. I'm hoping Dragon Quest 8 last until Super Mario Odyssey comes out though. Heck, I'm hoping for more news about the Switch version of Dragon Quest XI. I don't mind the 3DS version, but I want more RPGs for my new system. And while I'm on the subject of RPGs & Switch games, I've been reading every bit of news I can for Lost Sphear. Kotaku recently had an interview with the director that was pretty good.  I am beyond excited about this game.

And for the sake of saving time, here are links to other video game things that have my attention: 

I'm still taking a break from my PS4, but there's still a lot on the way for the system that I want to pick up. Even if I don't play everything right away, in my mind I imagine some day when I'll have a lot of time off & can really get into these games. Specifically the really long ones. The 3DS might get retired for a bit once I finish another RPG or two. I have my eye on Monster Hunter Stories. But, who knows - a few years down the line, I might be looking for 3DS games that I missed & revisiting the console.

I think that's everything, folks. So, until next time..!