Let's Groove Tonight

Sexy Mama, The Moments

I'm fresh off of my samba, gypsy jazz sort of kick & been mainly listening to a lot of soul, funk, & boogie. This is one of them gems I came across while watching clips of Soul Train.

Hard To Say Goodbye, Washed Out

Toro y Moi came out of nowhere with a nice track & from that same region of nowhere, Washed Out delivers the 2nd single from his upcoming album "Mister Mellow". These two artist were my favorites to come from the 'chillwave' scene. Their recent tunes are taking me back to 2009. 

So Fine, Howard Johnson

The 80s funk sound has been doing it for me. This will be in my wedding playlist. 

You're The Kind Of Girl I Like, The Kwick

Another one for the wedding playlist. If you hadn't guessed, I want this to be a funky affair. There'll be a Soul Train line as we glide down the aisle!