Bookmarks vol. 02

This may become a weekly thing. 

French/Japanese Co-Production "Mutafukaz" Gets First Teaser And Poster

I saw a teaser or something for this a while back. Seems kinda interesting. 

Studio Ghibli Getting Its Own Theme Park In Japan

Last year I got a chance to visit the Ghibli museum. Maybe I'll get to go here or Super Nintendo Land on some future trip..? 

This Robot Tells You When You'll Lose Your Job

I say, give the robots the jobs if they want them so bad. 

Remember When The “Barbie Liberation Organization” Switched Barbie and G.I. Joe’s Voice Boxes?

Funny coincidence - I was listening to an episode of "Talking Simpsons" recently that brought this topic up. 

Cult Cartoon Favorite Animaniacs Could Be Staging a Comeback

On that same note, let's give "Freakazoid" another shot too. 

The Next Generation Of Mexican TV Animation Creators Can Be Found At Ideatoon

I want to continue seeing stuff like this keep popping up.