125 hours & 44 minutes

Persona 5 is completed!  I spent lots of weekends playing and I'm finally done. Quick thoughts -


  • Characters
  • Story
  • Setting
  • Music
  • Presentation
  • Press-turn combat system


  • Game seemed too long.
  • Designed dungeons are better than randomly generated ones, but felt too long.  
  • Puzzles in palaces  

That about covers it. Loved the game, but it went on for too long and palaces felt like they went on forever. If the overall length could be trimmed, less puzzles, & more time for things like social links, story, and life sim aspects it would be perfect in my eyes. Part of it feeling long was the time restrictions of doing activities, Morgana's suggesting that the protagonist go to bed, & my real life situation of having to work, a life outside of video games, and that it's stuck on a console tethered to a tv and not a portable that can be picked up and played more easily like picking up a book. No, I won't be playing new game+, but if they get around to some portable iterations of the series that aren't Persona Q or Dancing All Night and tweaks the few gripes I have then I'd definitely be up for that. Maybe Nintendo will bring Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE to the Switch? That might scratch the itch.

Thanks, Dave. 

Game Dave sold me on revisiting Kirby's Adventure. I saw the game in magazines and things like that back in the day, but never really played it myself. Told ya already, I'm not much of a Kirby-guy. I think the only Kirby game that I really played for more than a few stages was Kirby's Dreamland 3, but that was largely because I loved the colored pencil, crayon aesthetic. After finishing a long game like Persona 5, I want smaller adventures to cleanse my palette. In the past it might've been Mr. Gimmick or Ufouria: The Saga. I usually go for something in genres like adventure, platformer, puzzle, fighting, beat 'em up, or shmup after a lengthy title. My smaller games for this session will be the aforementioned Kirby's Adventure and the Mighty Gunvolt games. I grabbed ARMS too; my thoughts on that a little later. Or how about NOW -- ?


Ok, right off the bat - much harder than I thought. I set the difficulty to 4 & was getting handled by the CPU. On any other fighting game, that would be the basic level but it's pretty tough here. I plan to put more time into it later on & maybe lower the difficulty then work my way up once I have a grasp on things. Hopefully the difficulty doesn't suddenly spike like an SNK boss. Other than that, I still like the game and what Nintendo is doing with co-op & competitive games. A large portion of the games on the Switch are games that I want to play with other people. Hopefully the single player experiences start showing up in larger numbers soon.