Ow, my aching wallet..!

Games from E3 that will drain my bank account & free time...:

Dragon Ball Fighters Z

It's everything I've always wanted in a Dragon Ball fighting game. I've been watching Dragon Ball Super, but even the new series hasn't made me as gleefully excited as this game has. I can't wait to get more information on it and see all of the characters that will be available. Hoping for an appearance by Future Trunks.

Ni no Kuni 2

I didn't play the original because I didn't have a console to play it on, but since I have a PS4, I might have a go at the sequel. I'm hoping it's not too long, but I'm banking on this being another 100+ hour RPG. 

Super Mario Odyssey

At first I was only slightly into this new entry in the series, & figured I'd pick it up simply to have a new Mario game and pad out my Switch library, but over the last few days, after seeing more & more gameplay, I'm 100% on board with this. Platformers have been more and more brutal to me over the years. I'm just not for super challenging games as I've gotten older, but since this is more of an exploration/sandbox style game, I'm more into it.


I'm not against all platform games though & the things they've been doing with Yoshi (& Kirby) keep me as a fan. I wish I could've played "Wooly World", but I don't own a Wii U and didn't like the downgraded 3DS visuals enough to play more than the demo. These games are more lighthearted and friendly than other games in the genre, so I'll gladly & casually play this once it's released.

Blade Strangers

When I saw Blade Strangers, I thought "Ah, another simplified anime fighter like 'Dengenki Bunko Fighting Climax'!" I enjoy these crossover style fighting games and especially if it isn't overly complex, even when I don't know a bulk of the cast of characters. I just like how over the top anime fighting games are and the bright colors, characters, and presentation. These games are all about the spectacle for me. I like that the Switch is getting some fighting games and really like that most of them are deviations to an extent of the more hardcore takes. I know there'll be some that get into the more technical aspects, but I'm all for button mashing for a few rounds with a couple of buddies & that's it. 

Lost Sphear

Siliconera posted some news this afternoon about Lost Sphear & my hype is growing. I read somewhere that this title is part of Project Setsuna so, maybe they're going to continue making games that all take place within the same universe. I'm definitely cool with that. Now, I wonder if it takes place after the events of I Am Setsuna, in a different part of the world, or what? Will we get a Setsuna timeline & some deep lore once they finish the series? 

Honorable Mentions

Shadow of the Colossus

I've been admiring Ueda's games from afar since Ico was released. I've never played any of them, but have enjoyed their lore, their looks, and other things that don't involve actually playing because I never had the consoles that they're on. I'm not saying for sure that I'll be picking this up, but I still admire it and like how the remake is visually. Maybe one of these days I'll get this and Last Guardian. They should be doing an Ico remake too right? 


This isn't the type of game I'd usually be going on about, but c'mon - it's Spider-Man! 


Yoshi and Kirby are battling in my heart for a spot as my favorite cute platformer. In the end, I side with Yoshi, but I think some time down the line I'll get this. I've never been a huge Kirby fan, but I do enjoy the series. 


The Tumblr sensation that had the Internet going nuts for the last few years.. Part of me wants to play it, another part of me feels like I already have because of how much it's been talked about. I like that it will be on the Vita because portable play is the best method. I'm on the fence about actually buying it because I have enough long games on my plate. It's on my radar though. 

Not E3

Steven Universe: Save The Light

I'm into the show and the game is looking pretty good. It's a pastel colored RPG, how could I not be into this?

OK K.O.  Let's Be Heroes

Another Cartoon Network jam. I love these cartoony, brightly colored games. And yes, I want them to come to Switch.


Did I bring this up before? I backed this and originally wanted it for PS4, but once I got wind that it would be released on Switch, I quickly updated my Backerkit. The Switch library is getting good already.


Since the Switch released, my 3DS has been collecting dust. It's not that I hate it, I just want everything for my new device. Well, this morning I booted it up, did a system update, and swapped themes... Oh! And I played a couple games. 

Bravely Default

I've had the demo sitting on my sitting for a bit and have messed around with it, but something about it just isn't grabbing me. I love the low poly chibi style, I love the art, & it comes across like the kind of fantasy rpg that I love but.. eh, I can't do it. Two factors about it are throwing me off -

  • Random battles
  • Combat system

I know the encounter rate can be adjusted, but I like seeing enemies on the field a lot more and I just can't get with the brave/default system in battles. In the end, I'll probably just buy some art books and be done with the series. I'll wait for "Lost Sphear" to scratch my simple, fantasy rpg itch.

Mighty Gunvolt

The sequel came out today and I felt like I should check out the original. I like short, retro-inspired titles & plus it was only $3.99 so I'm giving it a shot. So far, I like it. It will probably be the game that I casually play when I have a few minutes or if I decide to take the 3DS to the office, I'll play while I'm on break.

Animal Crossing

It's been so long since I've played this..! This was a screenshot that I had still on my system -


I may have popped into my town once or twice after that, but this might've been the last time that I seriously played. When I started up this morning, my avatar had Winter clothes on, so it's definitely been a while.


I changed clothes and wandered around my town a little bit. It was still very relaxing and I remembered why I got into the game. I don't have much to do as far as improving the town and since I don't have any video game friends that are playing, I haven't visited any other towns and the online components are useless to me. I live in America & in Michigan so street pass isn't much of an option. I don't own any Amiibo either so, there's another bit of unused content. Despite all that, I'm hoping for a Switch version & maybe I will cop some Amiibo and fully explore what the title has to offer. I kind of miss spending my days fishing, catching bugs, & chatting with my animal neighbors.