Two-Hit Wonder

The last musical act that I was really into was KIDSAREDEAD. A project by French musician, Vincent Mougel. I was introduced to his music through another band that I was digging at the time, Lamp. After hearing a few songs that felt like the 70s soft rock that I dig, I became a fan. Not just a slight fan; it was possibly the last time that I heard something then had to gush to friends about it. This is the song that sealed the deal:

Things went quiet after the release of "The Other Side of Town", but I did find out about a collaboration or two that he worked on. This one really did it for me:

And again, there was radio silence. Until, I found out about a Japanese exclusive release called "Klouauge Skyline". I hadn't bought a CD in years, but I liked this artist enough to import it.


Demos, b-sides, and a couple of skits. Not really an 'album', but it worked for me.

Thinking back, the reason I liked KIDSAREDEAD so much was probably because I was hooked with the songs alone. There was no crazy backstory, no rise from the dregs to indie success, no hype, no hyperbole, no deep socio-political agenda tied to it, none of the stuff that I usually see when I visit music blogs or sites like Bandcamp. Sure, image factors in a little bit, but good songs trump all of that for me.