Bookmarks vol. 01

Here's roundup of things from around the web that have been interesting me lately. Some old, some new. 

Dragon Quest XI cm

Japan has really been on a tear with these nostalgic commercials for video games and consoles. I love it! 

If You're Here

I don't think I mentioned this in my last update & even if I did - it's worth another post.

Anime Promos

I'm always going on about old animation and something I never hear being brought up in those yesteryear discussions are the previews that started off every anime VHS that I've ever seen. I would watch these tapes so much that I'd know the promo materials from their respective companies as well as the content of the shows.  

Netflix's Castlevania


Summer Bucket List 2017 

Maybe I should make some serious plans for this year so the season doesn't feel like I wasted it..? 

 Nigeria Wants To Train ‘An Army Of Animation Professionals’ In 4 Years

Do it, Nigeria! Do it! I'd like to see what an African animation scene would be like and what kind of stories get told. 

Little Witch Academia Is Getting Its First Game On PS4, And It’s Looking Magical

Since Netflix is bringing the television series to the U.S. soon, maybe there's a chance that the game will get localized as well.  

I Am Setsuna Developer Tokyo RPG Factory May Be Teasing Something With A New Visual

I've gushed about my love for "I Am Setsuna" before & I hope this is the sign of a new project. 

Update: It looks like this wasn't just a tease. "Lost Sphear" is coming to Switch in 2018! 

 Project Rap Rabbit

Keeping my fingers crossed for this. It doesn't seem like it will reach its funding goal, but maybe it will pick up steam before the campaign ends.