Return to Toy Land

Bored at work one day, my fiancé started sending me old commercials and we started texting back and forth about toys we had when we were growing up.  We spent a bit of time talking about how many RC car commercials there were in the 90s. They kept releasing them with new wacky gimmicks. Here's a few toys that I had that came to mind --

Trash Bag Bunch

Stone Protectors

Not to be confused with Battle Trolls .


Battle Beast

 Food Fighters

 Muppet Babies books

The Land Before Time puppets

Dinosaurs Happy Meal cassette

I drove my uncle crazy from playing this tape over & over again. I loved this and the story book that came with it. 

McDonald's Changeables

Along the same lines of this, I can remember one of my favorite childhood Christmas presents: Vtech Learning-Window Teaching Machine


This is one of the better images I could find online. Man, I loved this thing. I'm tempted to find one of these on eBay and keep it in my home office. At one point, I even found the old school books that I had in elementary school and almost bought the entire collection. Nostalgia is a hell of a drug!