Drama J to K/Awake at 2A.M.

Yesterday I decided to watch a couple shows that caught my eye on Netflix. I guess they would be considered Japanese dramas, but only one had anything dramatic in it. I think that's probably why I liked them. So, what did I watch? 

I really liked both shows. I like the atmosphere, the shots of Japanese cities & suburbs, characters, and obviously the food. Like I was saying before, there's only mild drama to these shows. The lead in "Samurai Gourmet" is adjusting to life outside of the office and the protagonist in "Midnight Diner" plays more of a background role & provides space for other characters to have their stories told. Since I only watched the first episodes, I can't go too in depth, but I'm sure backgrounds will be fleshed out, reasons for why these two are the way they are will be given, and so on. For now though, I like these shows as they are and plan to keep watching. 

Since I enjoyed those two, I thought I'd check out some other stuff in the genre. First up was: "Sound Of Your Heart"

Another hit! Enjoyed this one too. Pretty silly comedy. Likable characters. Good stuff. Makes me wish a show I saw lots of screen caps & memes based on, "Aoi Honou", got a proper release on a streaming service.

Next, I checked out "Good Morning Call"

I felt like I'd seen this premise in a ton of anime already. Not gonna continue with this one. Too many cliches, recognizable tropes, & I'm not about to watch pretty teenagers with teenage problems: Nippon Edition. We have The CW in America & I've seen enough shojou/romantic/high school anime to know how this plays out.

And last, I watched "Atelier"

I don't care for the drama or care about the fashion industry enough to keep watching. I enjoyed seeing the models in underwear, but not much else.

Extra lastly, I started watching Syfy's big fantasy-drama, "The Magicians"

Yeah, yeah - same tropes & stuff. Pretty people, pop music, the outsider, etc. but since it has that fantasy/magical twist, I'm more likely to keep watching. I'd like to keep watching "The Strain" too if season 3 ever pops up somewhere that I can stream it or OnDemand.

For no good reason, I'm going to leave a trailer for "Constantine" here. That show deserved better...