I grew up on PBS like nearly everyone else, but Detroit is close enough to Canada that I was able to pick up CBC, & TVO over the old rabbit ears. Looking back on these I can remember watching them in some house that I used to live in or at my grandmother's house.

Zoobile Zoo

Under The Umbrella Tree 

 Fred Penner's Place 

The Elephant Show

Mr. Dressup

Casey & Finnegan forever!

Reading Rainbow 

I already loved going to the library and this show gave me more stuff to look for on every visit. Either that or it was stuff to look for in the catalog for the Scholastic Book Fair.

Eureka's Castle

 Sesame Park/Canadian Sesame Street

I loved this & remember singing the songs in French. It's Sesame Street and you got all of that goodness that we got in the States plus specialized Canadian segments. I have the skits teaching the French word for mouth ("le bouche") & the song about riding the bus ("Get on the bus. Le Autobus!") burned into my brain. 

Lambchop's Play Along

 The Polka Dot Door

 Where In The World Is Carmen Sandeigo? 

Shining Time Station

I remember the George Carlin & Ringo Starr episodes.