My favorite thing growing up was science even before starting school. I was the kid that wanted ant farms and chemistry sets when I was growing up. Some of the first books I started reading were biology books. I wouldn't say that I was a great student in school, but science class was always my jam. And, hey - we're all excited about the return of Bill Nye, but I've got the feeling it will be a tad more adult-centric than the previous show that was aimed at kids. And while watching super-cuts of Mr. Wizard being a jerk is fun, I wasn't into it as much as a kid. With all of that setup out of the way, let's get into 3 shows that I watched as a kid that fueled my love of science. 

3-2-1 Contact

I watched this at home, but this seems like a show that I would've watched at school on one of those TVs they'd wheel out strapped to a cart.

Beakman's World

To me, this was an even more fun version of "Bill Nye The Science Guy". If you listen closely during the show you'll hear a bunch of sound effects that you've probably heard in episodes of "Rugrats".


This was a local show that would come on early in the morning before Saturday morning cartoons would start. It paid off to be an early bird to catch this.