Animated Also-Rans

While digging through Netflix I came across the series "Huntik" & had a flashback to the stuff that wasn't quite part of the big blocks of shows that were happening at the time, came on super-early in the morning, or they were a part of a block of Sunday cartoons that aired between televised church, golf, fishing, or infomercials. You know how much I enjoy the b-grade stuff so let's look back on a few of these also-rans:

 Bucky O'Hare

Bucky O'Hare was a show that I never gave its due. It's probably not bad, but if it wasn't TMNT then I wasn't really messing with it. So, "Street Sharks", "Biker Mice From Mars", or "Cowboys of Moo Mesa" weren't getting much love in my house. At least it got a decent Konami arcade game.

EXO Squad

I've never liked military themed cartoons & that goes for "G.I. Joe" too. There's something about these types of shows that just doesn't jive with me. 


This was definitely during a time when superhero teams were being pushed to the forefront because of the success of the X-Men cartoon series. Lucky for them, I was also in my height of being into Marvel comics and that sort of thing. I can't say that I liked this show as much as X-Men, but it was one of the Sunday shows that I paid attention to.

Skysurfer Strike Force

I think the idea of them being on futuristic surfboards sold me on this show. I liked junk like that & odd powers like fireworks and kentically charged playing cards. And this intro was really nice to me. It was one of those shows that would have a cool intro, a transformation sequence, or some one-off action scene that was really well animated and basically anime then the rest of the show would look pretty janky.

Double Dragon

What a let down... I remember wanting this to be similar to the first video game. I have no idea how they would've stretched the game's attract mode into a full season, but this definitely wasn't the way to adapt the property. 

King Arthur & The Knights of Justice

You can already guess that I was super-into this. It had the bland animation with some really high quality sequences peppered in, but the premise of knights, battles, special powers, magic, good vs evil - it all was in my wheelhouse. I looked forward to catching this one.

Mummies Alive

I would catch this early in the morning. It was the best alternative to informercials or one of the bad shows based off of Capcom games: "Mega Man" / "Darkstalkers".

Savage Dragon 

I was slightly into this. Maybe I just recognized the character from my trips to the comic shop, but I remember it being decent enough.


Even as a kid I thought, "...X-Men rip off", but I really got into it for some reason.

Mighty Max 

I was reluctant to put this one on the list because to me this one is top tier, but sort of gets forgotten by a lot of people. This show is great & deserves more appreciation. It's only here because I remember it being on Sundays until it got moved to a weekday slot.