The 5th Generation Lives!

Gaming's 5th generation started around 1994. Early 3D was on the rise & I loved it. I think we're far enough removed from that era that people are becoming nostalgic for it. Technology has evolved enough so that hobbyist & indie developers can utilize the look nearly as simply as the pixel art style that we all love. Over the last few years, the low poly look has become more prominent & I want to highlight some of the games that've caught my eye. Most of these games I'll never play because I'm not a PC gamer, but I can at least admire them from a distance.

Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor 

"Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor" caught my eye because it does what some of my favorite 32-bit games did: blend 2D sprites with 3D backgrounds. I'm not sure what it is about that style that intrigues me so much, but I love it. 

Donut County 

I've been following this for awhile. The concept seems novel and I'm hoping it hits some console that I own.

 Lovely Weather We're Having

Slow life games may be one of my favorite genre these days. I still enjoy some action, but there are times when after a long day, I can't muster the focus or want to deal with the stress of intense games. Give me a world to explore, a nice soundtrack, & a little bit of interactivity and I'm happy.

Sky Rogue 

This is probably the only action game on my list, but it checks all the right boxes for my low poly love. Simple geometry, simple textures, & bold, flat colors. What I love about the style is that it's abstract enough to still leave room for imagination. Give me this over hyper-realism any day!

The Endless Express 

The creator of this game got my attention from their other release, "Lieve Oma". This game seems to continue with a similar style of more relaxed gameplay.


Cutesy aesthetic, some creature collecting, and it looks like a few nods to "Harvest Moon" & maybe "Animal Crossing". I wish that it was coming to more platforms (e.g. Switch or PS4), but it looks good and I'll at least check out some gameplay footage when it's released.

Ocean Heart 

No video except for some early production stuff & I think the project has ceased, but I really liked the idea. 

Home Free 

 I'm more of a cat guy, but dogs get love too. I like the concept of exploring a city from a dog's perspective.

Shape of the World 

Backed this on Kickstarter when it was announced. It seems like the next step in the evolution of games like "Proteus". Games seem to put an emphasis on verbs like 'jump' or 'attack' & I'm glad that there are some that have 'explore' & 'look' as their main means of interaction.

Burrito Galaxy 65

Seems like the devs took some "Earthbound", "Katamari Damacy", "Chulip", & a pinch of N64 graphics and blended them together into a surreal adventure. Chances seem slim for a console release, but I'd grab this if it ever happened.

Clouds Below 

Another one that withered on the vine. I was getting a "LostWinds" vibe when I first saw the game for some reason & was really into that. Maybe some day the project will be picked back up. 

Drift Stage 

In the same way that "Sky Rogue" feels like "Afterburner", "Drift Stage" conjures thoughts of 80's/90's arcade games from Sega's heyday.  I'm anticipating the PS4 launch.


Bonus Round.

These games don't fit into this low poly discussion, but I enjoy their art direction: