I Want My B-Tv

Time to celebrate some of the low budget, good but kinda bad shows that I watched. This doesn't seem to be a genre that's still being produced these days. The closest equivalent that comes to mind might be the superhero shows on The CW or something like "The Magicians" on Syfy Channel. Old style sitcoms still exist. Take a look at the likes of  "Mike & Molly" or "Two Broke Girls" and you'll see plots, tropes, & scenarios that have been a part of the formula since day one, but nobody's really in the business of making television-centric schlock anymore. I'll skip some of the obvious gems like "Xena: Warrior Princess", but there's still some recognizable stuff that'll likely fill me with nostalgic joy & reasons to cringe. Show me your practical effects, people obviously on wires, & early CG!

She Spies

A low-rent "Charlie's Angels". I say that with no malice in my heart. Sure, I'll watch a group of pretty ladies be spies, hackers, ninjas, or whatever the plot called for in the episode.

The Crow: Stairway to Heaven

There's some scenes in this show... just... wow.. He goes from a dark spectre of vengeance to The Mask at times. Can a guy that's not Nick Cage go full Nick Cage? That's something scientist should study.

Jack of All Trades

It's an act against righteousness to dislike anything with Bruce Campbell in it. Although, I'll admit to liking his role as Autolycus in "Xena: Warrior Princess" or "The Adventures of Brisco County Jr." more than this.


I only watched this because it was on before something I actually wanted to see. Maybe I'll watch it now & make up my own head canon that links it to "Walker Texas Ranger". 

Acapulco Heat

I rewatched episodes of this kinda recently on Hulu. 200% cornball. So bad! (good!!)

Pacific Blue

Just in case "Baywatch" wasn't enough beach action for you we have this glorious creation. And this time, they're on bikes & rollerblades doing totally sweet tricks while serving justice to scumbags!


I would watch this in a block of similar shows. It wasn't the worse thing but it was the weakest link in the lineup to me.

The Adventures of Sinbad 

This was ok. This might've been in that block of shows with "BeastMaster". I sorta want to watch it again. It's probably all on YouTube because I doubt anyone is fighting super-hard to preserve their rights to it.

Legend of the Seeker

This might've been the last show that I recall that qualifies as what I would count as the b-television of a certain era. It was pretty good, but I didn't keep up with it until it was available on streaming platforms. It changed time slots a few times and then it was gone. It's probably airing on some local channel right now during an after 9pm block with "Stargate SG-1", "Sliders", "seaQuest DVS", & "Star Trek: The Next Generation".

Bonus Tangent. 

Where'd all of the sci-fi/horror anthology series go? "Black Mirror" is the modern version, I suppose, but here's a few shows that fit even more with my sensibilities:

Double Bonus! 

I really should save some of these for the Halloween season, but kid's horror is a genre that's missed. Sometimes I don't want hardcore horror. I want the kind of spooky that would've been cool to me as an elementary or middle school kid. And, no "Goosebumps" & "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?" won't be on this list. 

A little bit of a fake out. I didn't want to put "Goosebumps", but here's its spiritual successor. It's a pretty good modernization. 

Discovered this while browsing through Netflix while filling my queue with stuff to watch for the Halloween season

We can pretend like the sequel to this series never happened & enjoy this as a stand alone piece.

And Lastly.. 

What you're seeing here is one of the most wonderful treasures I discovered on tv by accident some time in the early 00s. It felt like a reward for staying up late and flipping through over the air stations. Wolfman Mac followed in the tradition of great horror show host like The Ghoul & Elvira. Presenting movies, doing promos for places around town, doing skits & riffing MST3K style during parts of the movie. It was all great to me. It was local, low budget/public access quality goodness that made me look forward to catching it every week. Unfortunately, like all good stuff, the show ended. It got bounced around to different time slots at first, then it was being broadcast in Toledo on a channel I couldn't access, & finally it totally disappeared. I did a bit of research online and found out that Mac hung up his fangs & called it quits. It was definitely a rainy day in my heart. 

R.I.P. Mac. Gone but never forgotten.