Spring 2017 Anime

This year in video games has been a relentless onslaught of awesome so far & it looks like my other hobby, Japanese animation, isn't going to give me much of a break either. So, here's what I'm looking forward to this season: 

Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul

The original series really drew me in. I didn't go in expecting much, but wow! It was a really solid fantasy series with some good action & characters. I'm all in to see what the follow up series has to offer.

Attack On Titan (season 2) 

C'mon, no brainer...!

Natsume's Book Of Friends (season 6) 

This is my go-to chill out show. I can't say that I follow all of the plot points super closely, but I appreciate the atmosphere. It's something that I can put on & zone out to.  

Eccentric Family (season 2) 

Something similar can be said about this series. I enjoyed the atmosphere & characters, but didn't dive too deeply into the story.  

My Hero Academia (season 2) 

On a whim I watched the first season & loved it. It was an unabashed Shonen series with all of the tropes & other things that usually turn me off from the genre, but something about it was so charming that it sucked me in. I want to see what they've got in store for season two. 

Granblue Fantasy The Animation 

Another fantasy anime? Yes! Another fantasy anime! What can I say? I like sword & sorcery stuff and fantasy adventure. The same people behind "Rage of Bahamut" are behind this so, it's definitely worth a shot. I've actually watched two episodes on Crunchyroll.com and I think I'll stick with it.

The Snack World

Maybe the only CG anime that I want to see. The characters have this round, Rankin & Bass meets "Adventure Time"-quality to them. It seems silly, very western in some ways, & made for kids. They'll probably push this in a "Youkai Watch" kind of way. I could definitely see it popping up on Disney XD or Cartoon Network in the near future. I'm fine with all that, but where's the game at though?! 

The Smiling Salesman 

The premise caught my attention, but the PV gives me the impression that it may be more light. At least the tone of the art, but that could be attributed to the style. The last horror anime that I dug was "Yamishibai", but this feels more like something along the lines of an episode of "The Outer Limits" or "The Twilight Zone". We'll see if this gets streamed anywhere. 

Mahojin Guru Guru

Ok, you can say that I have a type. I like fantasy & the Japanese take on it probably interest me from all of my years of watching anime, reading manga, & most obviously playing Japanese RPGs. This tosses in something else I like: lighthearted & cutesy stuff. Nope, no false pretense here - I like cute stuff. I just found out about this series today and if it lives up to what I'm seeing in the video, I'm all over it.