Ok, time to be honest -- I'm cautiously optimistic about this new Gorillaz album. Out of the 5 songs I've heard so far, the only one that's really caught my ear is "Andromeda".

That's not to say that the album will be bad, but I'm not hearing anything that's absolutely grabbing me right now. I'm super-excited to hear new Gorillaz, but I'm just not feeling this one so far. Who knows though, they might have some tricks up their sleeve that'll draw me in or it could be a slow burn and it'll all click once I give it a listen or two..? I'm picking up on the social commentary aspects of a lot of the tunes too, but I'm doubtful Gorillaz will resonate with me the same way A Tribe Called Quest did on that front.

Overall, I've been out of a musical mood all together lately & the one thing that truly got me amped up enough to recommend it to several friends was Thundercat's recent release "Drunk".

Otherwise, I've been mainly listening to podcast and revisiting music that I've liked in the past. Last weekend I went back to a few of those OkayPlayer/Soulquarian era records. Namely, "Black On Both Sides", "Illadelph Halflife", & "Like Water For Chocolate". That more alternative, jazzy, Native Tongues-inspired hip-hop was always my jam, but I'm also from Detroit & was a teenager in the 90s. I had a few hip-hop loving friends & we checked out everything including the artist that got small write-ups in The Source or other hip-hop magazines of the past, but the music that was more often around us was either local street rap, 'mix music' (e.g. DJ Assault), and whatever sound was popular at the time. So, when I started really digging into this other style of hip-hop and talking to people from the OkayPlayer message boards, it was kind of a coming into my own moment for me. One of those times in life where I was really discovering & defining myself and who I wanted to be.