Bucket o’ Cool

Reading List

Catching up on my favorite series & checking out a few titles that’ve been my radar for a bit.

Digital Fun

Donut County

Somehow I figured this would be a PS4 release. It will be one of the few PS4 games I pick up in 2018.

Bayonetta 1-3

Here’s my chance to dive into this franchise. I’ve wanted to check it out for a while, but since I never owned any of the consoles that it was released on, I never got the chance. 

Romancing SaGa 2

The RPG cup runeth over! This is another one that I’m interested in. The challenge will be finding the time to play these games that take 20-100+ hours to complete. 

Va11 Hall-A / 2064: Read Only Memories


 “2064: Read Only Memories” stealth released on the PS Vita. It was a game that I’d be wanting to play & actually grabbed on PS4, but I don’t like playing adventure/visual novel/point & click games on the tv. They seem like portable experiences to me. I booted it up, but it wasn’t grabbing me but I want to give it another shot now that it’s on a handheld system. As for “Va11 Hall-A”, I’m still playing it, but starting to lose interest. I know the two games are similar and loosely connected so, I might run into similar feelings when I play 2064. I kinda had the same vibe within the first few minutes of “Night In The Woods”. Another game that I plan to have another go at if it comes out on Switch or Vita. The crux of it is, I feel like these games would’ve impacted me more if I played them in my teens or 20s. The age I am & where I’m at now as a person causes a bit of disconnect. Yet somehow I can connect with Persona 4 & 5 in some aspects. Go figure.

Silver Screen

Battle Angel Alita

Not sure how I feel about this yet. 

Christmas Jingle