Weekend Wrap-Up vol. 08


I got lucky & got the option to have the day off completely. Of course I took up that offer. Woke up early to put the pre-parade on.


Parade snobs might prefer Macy’s Parade, but I love my hometown parade. 


I love seeing the same ol’ news anchors (some from way back in my childhood) hosting the event, holiday themed local commercials, & everything else involved. We even got this brother, that made a crazy invention that translates energy and radio waves into sounds & music. How dope is that? Afrofuturism, y’all!


There was one dude that looked like a Zoolander character & that was entertaining in its own way. I saw Chuck, Carmen, & Devin and Big Sean was there too. All of this stuff gets me in the holiday mood even more. I’m definitely putting the tree up!  Even the cats got into the holiday spirit & munched on some turkey.


Went to my mom’s house for dinner and I’ve got plenty of leftovers filling up the fridge. It was overall a good holiday.

Wild Lights

To make up for not getting out much at all this year, I wanted to get in at least one seasonal fun thing. Of course, my Instagram is flooded with images from the event. It was a lot of fun. I like things like that when I can be a kid and also see families & kids out enjoying themselves too. The Rudolph 4D movie was a good way to cap off the evening. It was kind of a condensed version of the Rankin & Bass tv special with a few different scenes, 3D glasses, and things like vibrating seats when there’s some kind of impact, pine smelling air being pumped in, ocassional water sprays, & some bubbles. I recommend checking it out if you’re in town.

Kickstarter Stuff

I backed two projects recently that are both cool in their own special ways: 

Battle Chef Brigade


Put “Nostalgia” on hold while I played this over the holiday weekend.  I’ve been posting screenshots to Twitter & been interacting with the creative team and a member of [adult swim] games. Worth mentioning is how I knew at some point people would start making real life versions of the in-game food. Well, she pointed me to 3 people on Twitter that are doing just that. So cool! While I’m on the topic of fan works, it’s amazing how quickly things pop up on the internet. How long was Cuphead in the works? How long ago was it released? Well, sometime between or shortly after someone was able to put together an animated clip of an imaginary crossover of Cuphead & Dark Souls:

It’s crazy/amazing to me.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Started playing when it was stealth-released a day early. I haven’t played for very long, but it definitely has the feel of an Animal Crossing console game. I want to play more, but I can see where the pay walls are & would rather not pay for timers to move faster. That said, I look forward to the next console game and I might be able to get Melissa to play the mobile version so, that could be cool. I have run into other players when I played, but didn’t really interact too much. Even though I always have my phone  close at hand, I don’t enjoy gaming on it as much as I used to. If this would’ve come out around ‘09 or whenever the big rush to mobile platforms happened, I would’ve been all about this between games like the Zenonia series, Mage Gauntlet, Horn, Bar Oasis, Groove Coaster, Swift*Stitch, Space Invaders Infinity Gene, or any of the other loads of mobile games I was into at the time. At the time people shunned mobile games, but there’s some gems out there. My download list is pretty ridiculous. I followed blogs like TouchArcade very closely for interesting games back in those days.