Weekend Wrap-Up vol. 07

Regular Life.

In Marjoram

Welp, I gave it the ol' college try, but it doesn't seem like an "In Marjoram" animated short is happening anytime soon until I can either fund it, get someone else involved, or do it all myself. It's not dead, it's only sleeping. Some day I'll make the project into a reality. Until then, here's some .gifs that I worked on. I planned to do one for each of the characters that I would've introduced in the shorts. I posted them on Twitter, but here they are all together for the sake of this entry. They're simple limited animation loops, doodled over 'bad' shots from rolls of 35mm film that I shot over the last year or so. When I look back at them they remind me of something I would see on a PBS or Nick Jr. show. Y’know, like a scene transition from “Gullah Gullah Island”. I think in the future, I may come up with another idea that I can do on my own.

Relic Hound.gif
Chambray Zodie.gif
3400 Bell and Parcel.gif

Cola Jefferies

Last entry I mentioned that I wanted to work on something like t-shirts, tote bags, stickers, and other physical merch. So, I took some doodles I did on Wednesday & plan to use them as designs for that stuff in the future. I think some of these would pretty cool on a shirt, a bag, or something like that. I’ll make a few more designs before I make a web shop. I’m still researching how to go about all of this. I’ll likely use some of the “In Marjoram” characters for products too. Comics and animation are awesome, but I think I want to just focus on illustrations and character design for a bit.


Ancestry dot com

Earlier in the week, I took the plunge & ordered a kit from AncestryDNA. It will be pretty cool to at least have a rough idea of the region of Africa that my family may have originated from. I’m sure there’s some European blood that forced its way into the family tree, but if there’s any other ethnicities in the mix, it will be cool to research & learn about those cultures too. In the fantasy part of my brain this all plays out the way it does in cartoons where they travel around the world and there’s characters that look like the main character but are wearing clothing specific to the time period or region they’re based in. 

Wedding Stuff. 


Melissa & I visited some potential venues where we’ll have the ceromony and reception. We’re just trying to find the best spot and the best price we can get. I’m totally stumped about what to even ask while we’re there so I basically just listen and then try to make a decision after I’ve heard everything. It’s definitely not cheap though. We’ve been going to my mom & stepdad for advice and help so, thankfully we haven’t been totally in the dark. We kinda have an idea of the venue we’re going to go with. Going back to one of the places on Monday night to likely secure our date.




What a cool character.  When I first got into ARMS, I figured I would’ve been mainly using Ninjara, but I got into Kid Cobra. Now, there’s a chance I could be picking up a new main fighter. I like the mechanic of using the spirit in three different forms & as a shield. I bet really advanced players will come up with some crazy strategies while using him. 

Golden Sun

While letting my mind wander a bit before bed, I started thinking about the series. It’s not likely to happen, but I’d be down for a follow-up to Dark Dawn. I watched a few videos with people gushing about the franchise & wondering if there’s any chance for a sequel. Lucky Crit’s video on Advance Wars is worth a watch too. At least we have Tiny Metal & WarGroove to somewhat fill the gap for that franchise. Related tangent: When I think back on some of the games & things I got into, I wonder how I discovered them in a pre-internet (or a not constantly connected) landscape..? There were magazines, but I didn’t have a ton of gaming buddies & wasn’t surrounded by pop culture savvy folks so how did I do it? Lots of blind purchases, discovery by chance, & going with my gut I guess.



Arcade Obscura

4.5 arcade games that I hope get the ACA Neo Geo treatment.

Numan Athletics / Mach Breakers

The first was released on Japanese Virtual Console on the Wii, but I never got to play it. I’d love for both games to be re-released.


One of the few Neo Geo fighters that I haven’t played, but I love how it looks. Around ‘95 or ‘96, fighting games really hit a stride & were firing on all cylinders. That’s when they had my favorite visual aesthetics and began playing a certain way. 

Ninja Baseball Bat Man

Beat ‘em ups have been my go to genre for games that I play through for fun recently. They all usually have similar setups, elevator stages, & stuff like that but each of them has a different feel. The way hits connect is one of the things I really notice & makes or breaks a game for me. Ninja Baseball Bat Man is one that I’ve only seen playthroughs of, but haven’t experienced myself. I would definitely pick this up if it comes out.

Pu.Li Ru.La

I’ve played through this wonderfully wacky game many times before but I’d still like to officially have it in my collection. 



Weekend Wrap-Up vol. 06

Regular Life

Wedding Date

Melissa made me go to a wedding. We did get to chat with Alex & her husband Ed so, it wasn’t all bad.


We also went out for pizza with Melissa’s second family & that wasn’t too shabby either.  

Recent Retro

With “Super Mario Odyssey” out of the way, I’m in the mood for a RPG.  “Lost Sphear” isn’t coming out until January & I looked into some of the other RPGs that I want to play e.g. “Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory”, “Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom”, and the “Secret of Mana” 3D remake, aren’t going to be released until next year some time. Others that I want to play may be even further out than that so...

I grabbed my Nintendo DSi & those games that I picked up from when I heard about the GameStop sale. I’ve settled on the game “Nostalgia”. It’s pretty fun and fairly basic. I hate being bogged down with systems & mechanics. I simply want a decent story, likeable characters, & adventure. This should hold me for a bit until something else is released.


Direction Change

Yesterday, I tweaked my homepage a bit. Basically got rid of a lot of the doodles & the objects I made. I did keep the idea of my show pitch.  I’m thinking about taking one of the stories I would’ve used for the show & making a children’s book. Another idea, I could probably turn into a 4 koma comic. I may re-upload the comic or two that I did before, but I want to curate and revise some things. I want to make a strong portfolio of my best ideas on my site. I’ll leave my silly, one-off doodles to Twitter.

Cool Stuff

Project Nimbus: Code Mirai

I keep saying that I’m going to make my way back to my PS4 someday & with dope looking stuff like this, that day might come around fairly soon. I like the speed of this & I love seeing missile trails. It reminds me of Macross.


I backed this on Kickstarter awhile back, but never played it because it was only on PC, but since it’s coming to Switch I’ll definitely be playing this.

Another Wolf Cop

Did I hear Christmas music in the background? I’ll gladly add this to my list of holiday movies that I’ll be watching. 

Lost Sphear

A new trailer recently came out. I hear the game didn’t do too hot in Japan, but I don’t care. I’m still looking forward to it.  I already have a basic idea of what I’m getting into - a very basic RPG with chibi-like character models, a very 90s premise, and simple combat. That’s really all I want. I can’t stress how much, I revel in a very barebones approach to things since a lot of media seems to want to push an agenda, be so deep, complicated, melancholy, & edgy. 

Va-11 Hall-A

Since I dusted off the DSi, I can surely make time for the PS Vita. I’ve been interested in this game & “Read Only Memories”, but haven’t made time for them or they weren’t on my preferred platforms. Well, VA-11 is now on a portable system and I hear that ROM may be making its way to the Switch. Guess I’m out of reasons for why I haven’t played now.  

"Cowboy Bebop" Director Reportedly Developing New Anime Project

I hope that this is true. If it’s anything like “Space Dandy” then I’m definitely onboard! Actually, scratch that - Watanabe has done so many different things that I’m down, no matter what. 

Mister Ajikko

A box set of this series is being released. I’ve never watched it before, but I just love the way 80s cartoons look.



Posting this because the watercolor look of it is exactly where I want to go with my own animated short. I also watched more of “Urahara” & its use of limited animation and bright colors also were a direct hit on what I want to do.

Secret of Mana

Ok, I’m gonna be that guy. So, since Square has recently dedicated themselves to bringing out more games to Switch, do you think there’s a chance that this will come to Switch? This looks like a budget to mid-tier game so, I see no reason for it not to happen. I’ll be playing Vita again soon anyway, but if the conversation is already happening then yeah, bring it to Switch. A lot of companies seem to be caught off guard by the success of the console so it seems like they’re scrambling to catch up and get their games on the platform. Honestly, I hope Nintendo sticks with the hybrid format. I don’t ever wanna be forced in front of a tv ever again.

Yoshitaka Amano

There’s been a bit of RPG talk in this entry so, let’s close it out with a mini-doc about the man that’s done art for some of the best titles in the genre.