VHS Previews x Anime Abandon

Recently I’ve been rewatching “Photon” on VHS & being intrigued by the trailers for shows I haven’t watched because I’m always up for some good, old anime schlock. Anime Abandon has reviewed a few of them & those episodes are a good laugh. I still wouldn’t mind sitting through the anime myself though.

Virgin Fleet

Wild Cardz

Jungle de Ikou

And here’s a bonus episode. I actually saw this anime, but the episode is worth a watch: 

Agent Aika

Mind Toots

King’s Dead

Pretty good video. All of Kendrick & TDE’s visuals have been pretty solid.

  • August Greene reminds me of the Soulquarian era in a good way. 
  • Can’t say that I’m a fan of Beck’s recent output, but this article is pretty good. 



Digging it. Spent some time Friday playing. I like to have my cellphone’s wallpaper coincide with whatever game or thing I’m into at the moment so, I’m using art from this tweet as my current background.

  • I actually like the look of The Secret of Mana remake & would be cool if the Soul Blazer trilogy or an out of left field game like E.V.O. Search for Eden got the same treatment. 
  • Fell off of working out slightly. Shoveling snow served as a workout for part of last week, but I’ve gotten back to Daily Burn’s workouts. Did a light 15 minute one focused on stretching on Thursday & did 365 today. Maybe that wasn’t a good choice, but I’ll go back to my regularly scheduled program soon.
  • One of the highlights of seeing Black Panther the other night was seeing people dressed up & wearing dashiki. 
  • Got a chance to do another bit of animation. Still got a bit to go before I’m done with that.  
  • There’s really not enough hours in the day
  • Self-haircut #2 didn’t go too badly. Probably could’ve done better if I wasn’t in a hurry to get ready to go out. 
  • Attempting to catch up on my favorite shows & podcast
  • Is it ok to take a solo vacation & not talk to people? Just surround me with the stuff I want to catch up on, stuff I need to work on, & give me solitude for a week or three. 
  • There’s been a lot of good looking video games based on cartoons lately - Dragon Ball FighterZ, Steven Universe: Save The Light, Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time, My Hero Academia: One’s Justice, OK KO: Let’s Play Heroes, and so on. I won’t play most of them, but I like how they look especially considering the licensed games that I grew up with as a kid.