Name: Desmond Creighton Simmons
D.O.B.: 08.25.82
From: Detroit, Mi
Lives In: Eastpointe, Mi (East Detroit)
Careers I wanted As a Kid: scuba diver, ninja, (mad/super) scientist, video game maker, adventurer, puppeteer, person that makes stuff
Likes: video games, animation, comics, (b-)movies, pixel art, kaiju, sci-fi+fantasy, bicycles, tokusatsu, folklore, nature, cool people, creativity, myths, nonsense, vespas, podcast, dreams about flying, other eras, plants & animals, wire frames/vector graphics, people that can draw, syndicated/classic television, science, design, cel/flat shading, imagination, low poly, Spring + Fall, local programming, mid-century design, public libraries, broadcast edits of movies, retro-futurism, puppetry, lazy days, lofi, wandering, wondering, papercraft, watercolour, nostalgia, cool looking buildings and houses, & a bunch of other rad stuff.


Inspirations + Influences


Tons of 60's-90's cartoons and works of artist/brands such as Masaaki Yuasa, Akira Toriyama, Sanrio, Rumiko Takahashi, Jay Ward, Charles Schulz, Rodney Alan Greenblat, UPA, Jim Henson, Keita Takahashi, Mitsuru Nakamura, Kiriko Kubo, Yujiro Koyama, Ryo Inoue, and many, many others.


60's-70's sunshine/vocal/psych-pop, 90's hip-hop, City Pop, Shibuya-kei, Underground Rap/Indie Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, 80's-90's R&B, Funk, 80's Boogie, Disco, 90's-early 00's Alternative/Indie, Chillwave, Lo-Fi, Electronica, Beat Scene


Music/Sound Recording

Tascam PortaStudio DP-02CF, Akai Pro MPKmini, Roland Voice Transformer VT-3, MXL V63M condenser mic, LMMS, Audacity, Refurb PC (O/S: Windows 10)


Konica C35MF, Ricoh AF-5, Superheadz Black Slim Devil, Kodak KV250, Polaroid OneStep Close-Up, Fujifilm Instax Wide 210, Lomo'Instant, iPhone, VSCO Cam app, Epson Perfection V300 Photo scanner


iPhone, VHS Camcorder app, Spark app, SuperSlo app, Flow app, Reverser app, Filmora


Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, RoughAnimator, GIMP, Wacom Intuos small tablet, HP x2 10-inch detachable laptop (OS: Windows 10)

Why's the site called 'Everything But Work'?

Simple: I like doing creative things. Whether it's drawing, making music, coming up with stories, collaborating with friends, or just daydreaming about future things I'd like to try. I don't consider it work at all because I actually enjoy it. Plus, doing this isn’t part of my day job so, it’s pretty much everything I do when not at the 9 to 5.

So, what is my dream job?

I used to think that being a creative full time was the dream, but if people give me money there’d probably be some kind of expectation & I’d lose the fun of the creative part because I’d be pressured to deliver a product for a certain demographic/for mass consumption within certain guidelines or I’d be a part of a team that works on a product that I’m not personally invested in so it wouldn’t be very different than punching the clock at any other job. The world has changed & the media landscape has too. I don’t have any big connects in the studios, I don’t network, not into social media very much, & I’m not in a position where the people that hold the meetings see the value of my ideas. Sure, I’d like to add my voice to the larger conversation and add what I feel is missing rather than tear down the works of others (there’s also enough media out there that I can opt to ignore things too) but, I also feel like my time has passed given where things are right now, yet at the same time - the tools to make music, draw, or anything else that I want to do are easily available so I can create purely for the love of it/for the sake of expression without my livelihood being on the line. That said, I aspire to be free from day job obligations & retire as soon as possible so I can spend more of my life making the things I want whenever the muse strikes.

Any plans for a regular comic or anymore animation ideas?

I have ideas for things, but I’m not really into pitching anything anymore. I don’t see myself animating much more than a .gif on my own so, don’t expect anything more than that for the foreseeable future. I wouldn’t mind coming up with concepts and then directing a team for the creation of a show, short, or film. And, I sometimes think about making comics, but that also requires a lot of time and effort for a solo artist. Outside of doodling a character or scene here or there, I don’t really see it for comics either. But, who knows? Maybe I’ll do a one-off from time to time when the mood comes along, but I can’t see doing a continuing series that I write & illustrate myself.

As a kid you wanted to make video games - what about now?

The tools to put something together are there, but I don’t see myself doing the one-man, indie studio thing. When I was a kid, I imagined Super Mario Bros. levels, but I think “Super Mario Maker” kinda filled that gap & there’s plenty of indie devs that are making 8-bit, NES-style games so, they’re living out that dream & I’m satisfied to live vicariously through that. I’d need a whole team to create anything I’d want to do which would probably be something that would fit more into the 32-bit/5th generation of console gaming. Sega Saturn/PSX-era stuff. Even then, I think I’d like to come up with the general idea and then let the team handle things while I give bits of input.

Do you like working alone or collaborating?

Both. It depends on the project though. I enjoy having ideas & skills outside of my own thrown in, but there are times when I have a singular vision that I want to see through on my own. Timing and logistics can factor in too and for the sake of seeing something through to the end on my own time frame without having to wrangle other creatives, get them on board with my idea, and get the work done when I want it done - it can be better to just do it all myself.

What else do I want to do creatively?

I’d still like to create a Gerry Anderson-style puppet show.

Snapshot Gallery

I rarely, if ever, take photos of myself but during vacations and other hang outs, other people will. So, here’s a bunch of photos of myself in case you’d like to recognize me on the street.